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will my legal herbal smoke blend show up in urine testing?
i bought some herbal smoke with a bunch of mixed herbs: Damiana leaf, Mullein Leaf, Mugwort, motherwort, and bay bean extract. will any of these herbs show up in a regular urine test?

Answer by Soptr
No, thats why its legal. It doesnt have the ingredient that shows up on drug tests

Answer by Darshan
all the herbs stays for some time in blood,till its completely excreted through urine…some are sooner while some might take time…as u say its legal,then even its detected u wont might face any problems..

Answer by Jersy
What do you mean by regular test? It probably won’t. Tests usually have specific indicators for specific types of drugs e.g THC, opiates, amphetamines, steroids.

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