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Where can I buy legal herbal incense?
States and the DEA have banned some forms of herbal incense. Anyone know where the legal blends can be found?

Answer by Rena
I have been buying herbal incense from the site listed in my source. They have fast shipping and low prices for those looking for personal use. They claim that all of their blends are legal. Good luck and relax!

Answer by Shroom
If you really just want incense you can buy it at candle shops… If *wink wink* you want K2 or Spice or something like that, it has recently been illegalized (Lame man I know). All I can think of would be to try and find a website and order it online, however you may have to go as far as ordering overseas like some people without prescriptions order medication online overseas without a prescription. I don’t know, but it sounds like it’s just not worth the effort to me.

Answer by Abe Stone
one place is www.HerbalIncenseKing.com
Some incense brands will no longer be available as a result of the ban but others are reformulating to be compliant. The state you live in will determine what products will be available to you. Many new or reformulated products will ship to retailers with DEA approved laboratory reports ensuring that you are not buying anything illegal.

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