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What temperature should I set my vaporizer to smoke herbal incense such as k2/spice or anything with jwh-018?
The vaporizer is an Extreme Q if it makes any difference, but I really just want to know the best temperatures to set it to.

Answer by peetr
The extreme q has a few ways to use it, and proper vaporizing is dependent on air flow and temperature. Meaning that if you suck too slow the material you are vaporizing will get hotter, so the same temperature would burn the material whereas if you suck harder it will be cooler and vaporizer properly. You have to figure out how fast you like the air flow, and set the temperature accordingly.
The temperature gauge on the machine is often not really accurate, but once you know whether you are vaporizing, remember that setting, and adjust up or down depending on your preferred sucking speed. If you are burning the material then turn it down, or suck harder. If you don’t feel you are getting hits, then turn it up or suck slower.
Vaporizers with air pumps or fans like the Q have to be used in a similar way, you have to pay attention to how hard it’s blowing . getting the temp right with the bags can be harder than using the whip/hose.

I’ve vaporized a lot of different legal herbs, and some require hotter temperatures than others; I’m told spice requires a higher temp . I haven’t tried spice, and don’t plan to. Some studies are showing physical damage to the brain in “spice heads” and I’ve got enough problems without sections of brain dying. Seriously, dead zones and crap.

The other problem with liquids in the vaporizer, is that they often foul up the whip and the machine. At least you should have different whips for different materials.

I’m curious whether your vaporizer has a burning plastic smell like the ones we tested.

Answer by Taylor
I never really had a lot of success vaping K2. I even tried vaping pure jwh-018, and wasn’t very impressed (very little vapor at any temp). I’d keep it out of the vape if I were you. But if you try it, I would start vaping at about 385 F, and go up from there until you see vapor.

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