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What is the difference using a medical marijuana Vaporizer?
Just smoking it. Do you smoke more or less? Is there a difference in the effect or High?
I know nothing about it, so if you could please share what you know about it. Just interested I can not understand why someone would pay 0.00 or more for a fancy pipe.

Answer by a_kings_fanatic
The simplest answer is “smoking” anything is not healthy. When you combust a substance and inhale the smoke, not only are you inhaling the substances active chemicals but, you are also inhaling the inactive chemicals, which can sometimes contain cancer causing carcinogens, such as with tobacco. In the case of marijuana, it would be not only the ash contained in the smoke due to the lack of a filter but, also chlorophyll, which is an extreme irritant to the airway and why many marijuana smokers cough uncontrollably after taking a hit.

Vaporizers are different because they don’t burn or combust the marijuana, they work by inhaling hot air that is just barely hot enough to melt the oily trichomes, where the active chemicals are contained. When you use a vaporizer for the first time you will instantly notice the difference over smoking. No harsh irritation in the lungs and no hacking cough that usually follows.

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