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HomeMade Toker revisits a blend, Element X! Product page: buyeverythingforless.com I already reviewed Element X a little bit back, but due to technical problems, I’m giving it another review, or rather, I’m reviewing the “NEW and IMPROVED” formula. I gotta say, this stuff is a huge improvement, before it was really weak, however, with this blend 1 bowl should be good for a new or inexperienced incense burner and maybe 2-3 for experienced users. This is Goldenleaf’s answer to the budget/newbie blend problem, this blend is a great blend for beginners to start with, there is almost no anxiety when used responsibly and gives a very soothing 1-2 hour long relaxation effect. It’s very mild and mellow, it’s basically like a toned down GoldenLeaf, think of it as GL’s “little brother.” For people who’ve never burned incense before but want to, I recommend buying a gram of Element X and 2 grams of GoldenLeaf XXX. Once you’ve urned up all your EX move on to GL. A blend that both new and old incense burners can enjoy! Overall: 8.3

Review of Wicked XXX done by the HomeMade Toker! Product Page: legalenjoy.com (Super fast shipping, pretty great value pricing, free shipping on orders +, only ships within US) A rare, high strength blend. This stuff is on the same level as Barely Legal, it’s basically a commercial incense blend that offers a super potent and intense head high and generally only lasts between 20-30 minutes. This blend is definitely NOT for beginners and should be burned in very small amounts, burning too much may result in anxiety/panic attacks/whatever. An ok extreme blend, but it’s too short and leaves you with a slight headache afterward. I find you have to burn way too much of this stuff to make the 1.5 grams last, I generally prefer longer lasting blends, but this is a very interesting and unique blend that’s worth trying at least once after you have some experience with herbal incense. (Your results may vary.) Overall: 8.4/10

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