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Any online Herbal Incense Potpourri that accepts paypal?
I’m a novelty item collector and I’m looking for an online Herbal Incense Potpourri vendor that accepts Paypal for their transactions and whom ship to the United States so that I may add a couple products to my growing collection of various odds and ends. Preferably who also bear no disposition to shipping to Panama City, Florida.

If you know of any or find one I will be much obliged.

Answer by Jerry
eBay.com has some

eBay Top Rated Power Seller

Answer by Herbal
Paypal & Ebay doesn’t allow these transactions. It’s easy for a seller to lose their accounts to this. You won’t find any synthetic cannabinoid herbal incense on Ebay anymore, just a regular mix of plants.


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where can i get killa gorilla herbal incense potpourri?
Back about a year ago me and my friends tried this fay (herbal incense) called killa gorilla. We took one toke of it and we were tripping pretty hard. It was so intense that we only did it about 3 times. But now we are wanting to try the stuff again but the synthetic stuff is illegal now. So does anyone know where i can find it online or something.

Answer by Herbal

Review of Blue Electric incense done by the HomeMade Toker! Product Page: www.tranceherbals.com Overall: 8.5/10

HomeMade Toker revisits a blend, Element X! Product page: buyeverythingforless.com I already reviewed Element X a little bit back, but due to technical problems, I’m giving it another review, or rather, I’m reviewing the “NEW and IMPROVED” formula. I gotta say, this stuff is a huge improvement, before it was really weak, however, with this blend 1 bowl should be good for a new or inexperienced incense burner and maybe 2-3 for experienced users. This is Goldenleaf’s answer to the budget/newbie blend problem, this blend is a great blend for beginners to start with, there is almost no anxiety when used responsibly and gives a very soothing 1-2 hour long relaxation effect. It’s very mild and mellow, it’s basically like a toned down GoldenLeaf, think of it as GL’s “little brother.” For people who’ve never burned incense before but want to, I recommend buying a gram of Element X and 2 grams of GoldenLeaf XXX. Once you’ve urned up all your EX move on to GL. A blend that both new and old incense burners can enjoy! Overall: 8.3

Review of Mystic Diamond Blue done by the HomeMade Toker! Product Page: www.magicblends.com Overall: 8/10 This stuff was a huge improvement from the Schwag Bag. The flavor and smell still weren’t that great, but this stuff has a great head high and decent body high . Only other thing I don’t like about it is the price, way too expensive for me to recommend.

Review of Euphoric Potpourri’s Atomic Aftershock done by the HomeMade Toker! Product Page: www.euphoricproducts.com Overall: 8/10 tba

Review of MrSmileyHerb’s new Primo flavors done by the HomeMade Toker! Product Page: mrsmileyherb.com The owner of MrSmileyHerb.com contacted me and told me he had some new flavors for me to try out and I was more than happy to do so. He sent me 2 different flavors of Primo to try, Chocolate Banana and Fruit Stripe. Chocolate Banana had a bit of a musty smell and taste, but fruit stripe had an amazing aroma and a better taste than CB. The blends themselves are super potent and give intense 1-2 hour head highs. Overall, these new flavors are super enjoyable (CB could use a little work) and the blends themselves are smooth and will definitely keep you relaxed for a while, highly recommended! Also my camera kept dying while recording and at the end it just cut off haha. Overall: 8.9/10

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Grab Some @ alteredstateblazed.com Cinnamon Code Red My favorite so Far…. SONG – SOAD – Toxicity (Subsource Resmashed Dubstep Remix)

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Herbal Kush is legal in States that ban spice, herbal incense, k2 and other blends. Nuclear 19 is legal in most of those states that ban spice. Buy Nuclear 19 here: www.101easy.com

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Review of JUR-Z DEVIL done by the HomeMade Toker! (NOTE: The audio got messed up after I edited the video, I don’t know why this keep randomly happening, same with my camera randomly cutting off, I think I need to upgrade my shit!) Product Page: www.sickspice.com This is the strongest blend SickSpice.com currently offers. This is a pretty interesting blend, it’s herbal base is comprised of 100% finely shredded Damiana herb and contained only a couple sticks this time, although none is always better than some. This fine herb base is very interesting and produces a lot of smoke from a small bowl (which is recommended with high strength blends like this). You immediately feel the uplifting head rush that this blend offers and feel pretty dazed. It’s a very stoney, somewhat intense head high that lasts about 20-40 minutes. Definitely recommend burning small amounts at a time so you don’t overdo it, but it’s a pretty fun, slightly pricey blend that’s worth trying at least once. All I have to say to Sick Spice is great work and I’d love to see some flavored blends! I look forward to more good things from this new company. Overall: 8.5/10

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