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Jay Muise Outta The ATL (Atlanta, GA.) 2011.. Reviewing & Smoking “STUK! Herbal Incense” Stuk! Not For Human Consumption. Found in 1g Sealed Packet with a “Fly – Bug” Symbol on it… Stuck literally to a spider web. WEBSITE: WWW.MR-NICE-GUY.COM Strength: 8-10

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Attorney Thomas H. Wright III of Siegel Siegel & Wright appearing on local news to surrender herbal incense (jwh-018) as a result of the emergency, temporary ban on herbal incense chemicals initiated by the DEA on March 1, 2011. For more information visit www.teamsiegel.com or www.incenselaw.com.

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Find out what all the BUZZ is about OrderNaturesUphoria.com is the place to order Mr. Miyagi Melt Herbal Incense This is the #1 Non JWH-018 herbal incense on the market. “Not Intended For Human Consumption”.

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