Mojo Blend

Mojo is a smokeable aromatic potpourri.

Relax (baby) and get your mojo going with the harmonic aroma that emanates from this classy blend.

The resealable foil packaging ensures that your Mojo is fresh, powerful and mellowing in the grooviest way possible. To smell it is to believe it, and as we are currently quite unable to upload fragrances into the computer we can only suggest that you give this one a try.

This stuff is excellent so far my favorite as far as the high and taste combined. If you like spice you will love this more. Only thing that compares is maybe the spice diamond or smoke plus.

Try it!

Contains herbs and extracts including: Alchemilla Vulgaris, Leonotis Africana, Pedicularis Canadensis, Rosa Damascena, Rubus Fruticosus, Scutellaria Alpina.

Get Mojo Herbal Smoking Blend

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    Smoking Mojo Incense