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This is part 3 of “Mr. VP Goes To Denver” series. I show what I did the rest of the night before I took off to Denver. Then it gives you guys a quick view of what I’ve been doing the past month. On October 19, I will air my final video. It will be “Mr. VP’s Herbal Incense Review” series finale. I’ll show ya’ll the shop, where I’m at and my final message to the public. If HBO or any network is watching, “how ya like my pilot episode?” 😉

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I redid the finale cause I didn’t like how it turned out. Thanks once again everyone. This has been an amazing year for me and I couldn’t have gotten here without you guys. Special thanks to my new friend for bringing me into the game. Much love Bro!


4 of the best brands go head to head. SuperNova came in first. Nola Gold made second place and King Kong came in third (shocking). Diablo got disqualified cause all the contestants wanted a piece of it. Herbal Incense competition my people!

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Part 2 finishes of the recap and tells how Mr. VP got hook up and hints at why he’s in Denver. It also begins the tale of his night before the ban went into affect in Louisiana. Part 3 will be the final part of this pilot video.

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