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This is part 3 of “Mr. VP Goes To Denver” series. I show what I did the rest of the night before I took off to Denver. Then it gives you guys a quick view of what I’ve been doing the past month. On October 19, I will air my final video. It will be “Mr. VP’s Herbal Incense Review” series finale. I’ll show ya’ll the shop, where I’m at and my final message to the public. If HBO or any network is watching, “how ya like my pilot episode?” 😉

I redid the finale cause I didn’t like how it turned out. Thanks once again everyone. This has been an amazing year for me and I couldn’t have gotten here without you guys. Special thanks to my new friend for bringing me into the game. Much love Bro!


4 of the best brands go head to head. SuperNova came in first. Nola Gold made second place and King Kong came in third (shocking). Diablo got disqualified cause all the contestants wanted a piece of it. Herbal Incense competition my people!

Part 2 finishes of the recap and tells how Mr. VP got hook up and hints at why he’s in Denver. It also begins the tale of his night before the ban went into affect in Louisiana. Part 3 will be the final part of this pilot video.

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I’m now in Denver because of the incense ban in Louisiana. I decided to come up here to open up a head shop. The name of the shop is Nola Gold Incense. Do you understand how much of a fan I am now of Super Nova, King Kong, and Diablo. Part one gives a recap of whats been going on with me. Next part will be about what I did the days before the ban took affect in New Orleans. The last part will be what I’m doing now. Life is awesome now thanks to you guys. Much Love People!

Welcome to the long awaited Mr. VP’s King Kong Botanical Incense Review! Special Guest – My sis! Her first time ever! HGM

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I had to give my people some important information about products in circulation claiming to be from Nola Gold Incense. Decided to do it while I smoke a freak. My boy Milli Mac showed up to spit a little game for my viewers straight out from New Orleans on the WestBank. He’s good. I’m picky. If I like it, then it’s good. Trust Mr.VP !

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This is my review of the brand new Diablo Botanical Incense which is now sold only at NolaGoldIncense.com because they are the ones that make it. Diablo has the best overall value as far as potency and price is concerned. I give it two thumbs up and probably will be using it for now on cause of my tendency to lace things up. :)

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I decided to give y’all and update on the SuperNova and let ya hear my thoughts on Nola Gold. I’m from the city of the World Champs Nola Gold. It’s time I hit that [email protected]! I made a little commercial too, for fun. Enjoy the show!

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