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www.buzz-wholesale.com As for its effects jwh-122 works as analgetic cannabinoid. Chemical companies say that the formula of this research chemical is C26H27NO and the molecular mass of jwh-122 is 369.498 g/mol. 1-Pentyl-3-(4-methyl-1-naphthoyl)indole was discovered by John W. Huffman and therefore it is called jwh. This research chemical is smoked by certain people but chemical companies who supply jwh-122 do not recommend to use it for purposes different from chemical research as it can be harmful to your health and cause strange sensations in you breast (also characteristic of cannabis)

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    Potpourri without jwh-018

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to expensive commercial smoking blends from gas stations, this is for you.

HunSynth has made a very potent JWH-018 + JWH-073 herbal smoking blend, which consists of 3g cannabinoids per 30 grams.

The ratio of 018 and 073 mix is 4:1 (75% to 25%). And there is 1g of 018 and 073 in 10g of herb mix. The 018 and 073 mix is IN the herbs not sprayed on the herbs which is a big difference and there is extra harmless material added to the herbs to make it even better. The mixing is perfect, the JWH is perfectly spreated in the herbs, so its an all round high quality product.

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The DEA is taking synthetic pot seriously. In a statement released last week, the US Drug Enforcement Administration announced it will use its “emergency scheduling authority to temporarily control five chemicals … used to make ‘fake pot’ products.”

This means that in one month, the synthetic cannabinoids used in popular pot substitutes K2 and Spice will be considered Schedule I narcotics for the span of one year (the most restrictive category). During that year, the DEA will supposedly “further study whether these chemicals and products should be permanently controlled.”

DEA has put a 1-year ban on cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-073,  JWH-018, JWH-200, and CP-47,497.

It is difficult to imagine that these chemicals will find their way off of the schedule so if you’ve been enjoying K2 or Spice as a readily available, legal marijuana alternative you should probably prepare to say goodbye.

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There are literally hundreds of different herbs that go great in a smoking mixture, and a number of easily acquired resins that can also make a good addition.


  1. Leonurus Sibiricus
  2. Dwarf Scullcap
  3. Indian Warrior
  4. Blue Lotus Petals
  5. Wild Dagga Petals

The Filler is the cheaper/est stuff you’ll find, and can be very usefull:
Damiana: smells great, super cheap. Usually comes with some stems.
Marshmallow leaf: this is what most blends-makers use as their base, it absorbs well
Mint leaf/bud: Cheap and Ferral make for a key ingredient in smoking blend mixes
Skullcap: (not dwarf skullcap) very inexpencive and a smooth smoke.
(I’ve heard of people using small amounts of basil to enhance smell and flavor)

When you buy Blue Lotus (or any other lotus) you will get the colored petals, and a waxy ‘body’. You can seperate these pretty quickly if you want. 5 Oz’s took me nearly an hour to sort. The weight in petals isn’t much, but you can make it up by extracting the bodies using alchohol or acetone(be safe, only 99.997% or higher) and evaporating the whole thing; the resin smells wonderfull.
Case in point: when you are extracting your lotus bodies, you can also throw in all of the stems and refuse from anything else you are sorting, to make a full extraction.

This extract, can be then solved into alchohol again, and sprayed, or you can crystalize it and hot-toss it.

Google ‘egyptian cannabis essential oils’ and buy some from somewhere. You honestly can’t beat this as an addition to any blend.
Tastypuff brand flavorings are also OK.

Flavoring tips:
You can also add flavorings to your blends through other methods, and it’s actually very simple for most:
a splash of ‘flavored vodka’ can add a great scent and even burn
fresh mint leaves and buds are amazing for scent and flavor
a pinch of basil goes a long way

Don’t be lazy, pick out the stems :)

Basic blends and cannabinoids:
Jwh-018 is cheap, but it’s not great alone. Just JWH-018 blends should have atleast 20mg/g
jwh-073 is equally inexpencive and also not great lone, just 073 blends should have 45mg/g
when you have both, use 2:1 073:018. My advice is 10mg 18 and 20mg 73

CP-series cannabinoids are a different animal. These will degrade with heat and the smoke is nasty and makes your lungs sticky if it burns too hot.
This fact shouldn’t discourage you from using it in your blends.
CP-47497 is a very strong cannabinoid indeed. It’s more of a ‘put you to sleep’ than a stoned high.
Just CP-47497 should have atleast 15mg/gm
cp-47497 and 018: 12mg and 8mg respectively
cp-47497 and 018 and 073:5mg,8mg,12mg ( 12mg, 10mg, 15mg)
the last is my ideal blend mix.

If you have your own recipe for making smoking blend, please share it in comments section.

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