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how would i convince my grandmother to take me by the gas station to buy incense to smoke?
I’m 22 years old and my car broke down on me and i was wondering howi could properly ask my grandma to take me by the gas station to buy some herbal incense for smoking purposes. I help out around the house by taking out the trash and raked the whole entire yard without being asked. Any suggestions?

Answer by Katherine Kilian
don’t ask her. ask a friend or walk.

Answer by Avex
Be careful with that stuff- last thing you need is your grandmother calling the EMTs because of a bad trip.

Walk it if you want it- That way if something bad was to happen its all on you.

Answer by Logan Samuels
Ask her for a ride and don’t tell her what you’re buying. Buy something else to hide it.

What is the best kind of k2 herbal incense( meaning strongest and the longest highh)?
I got a 3 gram pack of herbal incense(K2) and the high last for only about 10 minutes, it was just a regular brand, nothing special about it, what is the best K2 out there that will give me a high that lasts about a hour or 2???? and please dont suggest weed, I do it for my anxiety and dont wanna get in trouble for having weed….any help please!?!?!

Answer by Zack Fair
The best I’ve got was from http://www.k2incenselegaleverywhere.com . K2 Ultra.

Answer by aaron
I just got my ounce of Mad Maxx from http://www.amazon.com/shops/smokebig. It is way better than any K2 or Serenity Now that I’ve tried, and cheaper too. They have lots of different flavors. I ordered the raspberry, which was very tasty. I will definitely be getting more from them.

Answer by Greg
I’ve tried K2 before and yeah it can really get you high. I also tried different brands around and based on your query, what I can recommend to you is the Wildfire Herbal Incense. From the brands I’ve tried, Wildfire is the only one that can get me high for more than an hour. Maybe, its because of their extreme-labeled blend which I have smoked from their blends. Herbal incense are as good as weed, just remember to not oversmoke it in order to avoid bad types of reaction.

Where to find herbal incense samples?
I’ve been scammed once more and so I’m back again wondering about websites that might offer free samples of their herbal incense products before the customer commits to a full purchase. I’m willing to pay reasonable shipping fees for their trouble of course so that is not an issue.

I smoke incense a lot, and I also know the health risks associated with it. I however balance out what I do and don’t and use responsibly, so although I respect your opinion and stances on it, I do not need lectured and it will not change anything although your free to do so.

Thanks so much.
Websites. There are no head shoppes.

Answer by J
Well I can tell you that going to a local head shop as they are called, I’m sure they would consider giving you a sample.

Any online Herbal Incense Potpourri that accepts paypal?
I’m a novelty item collector and I’m looking for an online Herbal Incense Potpourri vendor that accepts Paypal for their transactions and whom ship to the United States so that I may add a couple products to my growing collection of various odds and ends. Preferably who also bear no disposition to shipping to Panama City, Florida.

If you know of any or find one I will be much obliged.

Answer by Jerry
eBay.com has some

eBay Top Rated Power Seller

Answer by Herbal
Paypal & Ebay doesn’t allow these transactions. It’s easy for a seller to lose their accounts to this. You won’t find any synthetic cannabinoid herbal incense on Ebay anymore, just a regular mix of plants.


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Anyone know where to get Free herbal incense samples with free shipping these days?
I do reviews of herbal incense its going kinda slow do to financial problems can some one help me get some good samples and i will defiantly be willing to pay in the future do to the quality of the product


Answer by E.Mizzle
Free? No.
But I hope you’re smoking these in moderation. They aren’t something to mess with if you don’t know a lot about them.
Depending on where you live you can buy it at any convienence store.
Caution though, I had a panic attack smoking Atomic. I’ve also had very extreme trips smoking Down 2 Earth.

Does anybody know any herbal incense that is equal to or is better than cloud 9’s mad hatter?
They just stopped selling it in my town and I’m looking for some herbal incense that gets you that messed up because I’m going to miss mad hatter.

Answer by mr. me
zombie killa, legal phunk(tebbs headshop exclusive)….mary janes herbal incense blend…shiva

why do people smoke dangerous illegal marijuana when they can just get legal safe herbal incense?
it just doesnt make sense to me. sorry. you are a criminal and should be in jail if you smoke pot. especially since safe legal alternatives are already available. herbal incense is also known as “spice” or “synthetic marijuana”

Answer by Red
do you really think herbs and ‘spice’ give us ‘criminals’ the same effect at ‘illegal marijuana’? If your going to get high, do it right.
Smoking pot is not doing anyone else harm.

Answer by Kaz
What are your motives?

Answer by i
not for nothing, but alcahol is mor dangerous than marijuana……yet it’s legal, go figure! u should review statistics b4 saying things like that sooooooo, yeah ur in the dark abt this subject.

Where can I buy legal herbal incense?
States and the DEA have banned some forms of herbal incense. Anyone know where the legal blends can be found?

Answer by Rena
I have been buying herbal incense from the site listed in my source. They have fast shipping and low prices for those looking for personal use. They claim that all of their blends are legal. Good luck and relax!

Answer by Shroom
If you really just want incense you can buy it at candle shops… If *wink wink* you want K2 or Spice or something like that, it has recently been illegalized (Lame man I know). All I can think of would be to try and find a website and order it online, however you may have to go as far as ordering overseas like some people without prescriptions order medication online overseas without a prescription. I don’t know, but it sounds like it’s just not worth the effort to me.

Answer by Abe Stone
one place is www.HerbalIncenseKing.com
Some incense brands will no longer be available as a result of the ban but others are reformulating to be compliant. The state you live in will determine what products will be available to you. Many new or reformulated products will ship to retailers with DEA approved laboratory reports ensuring that you are not buying anything illegal.

Can Wicked XXX herbal incense kill you?
I recently got some packs of blueberry, cotton candy, and raspberry wicked xxx herbal incense. I was planning on smoking them, but I don’t know if it could potentially kill me or not. Please answer with facts.

Answer by November
I have never smoked that particular brand, but I have smoked synthetic cannabis (jwh-018) and I’m fine. Just know that these synthetic compounds can be 4-5 times more powerful than thc, which may lead to anxiety or a panic attack if you’re prone to those.

Though if you don’t want them, I’ll be glad to take them off your hands =P

i agree with november when he says that it will not kill you, but like him i have not tried the kinds you mentioned, a few of my friends did and they did not like, however they are stiil alive and well lol. i use this other stuff called “passion” off of a site called spice4you.com their stuff is really good and they got all sorts of monthly speicals going on all the time it seems, i just got some earlyer today and they have a 50% off one going on right now. anyways like i said that “xxx” stuff wont kill you but its not the best either. good luck :)

where can i get killa gorilla herbal incense potpourri?
Back about a year ago me and my friends tried this fay (herbal incense) called killa gorilla. We took one toke of it and we were tripping pretty hard. It was so intense that we only did it about 3 times. But now we are wanting to try the stuff again but the synthetic stuff is illegal now. So does anyone know where i can find it online or something.

Answer by Herbal

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