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Herbal Incense www.herbalincensestore.com Legal Highs, Legal Bud, and Herbal Highs — Herbal Incense Reviews contains in-depth assessment of popular legal buds such as k2 incense, spice smoke, herbal smoke, and wicked x based on actual users’ experiences.

Jay The Legal HIGH Guy reviewing “Everest – The Highest Place on Earth” Herbal Incense. Comes in a rectangular packet, rip sealed. Distinct Purple background with mountain in the clouds. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Strength: 9-10

Jay Muise Reviewing “Platinum CAUTION, Super Strong Incense” You think you can Handle it??. Comes in a “Glittery, metal Flake” double sealed package. 3 grams, 10x and mango flavored. Damp, moist product. NOT for beginners, this is potent. **NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION** Brought to you by : www.ALLSAFESPICE.com Strength: 8-10

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Cleezyana Jones gives you his opinion and review on Pierrot Herbal Incense. You can get it by emailing [email protected] or look for it on ebay. Background song is You Can Just Tell off my album “The Cleezyana Effect” you can get it at itunes.apple.com . Don’t forget to visit my official site and sign up for the mailing list so you can win some free stuff! www.itsmestupid.com

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Jay Muise Outta The ATL (Atlanta, GA.) 2011.. Reviewing & Smoking “STUK! Herbal Incense” Stuk! Not For Human Consumption. Found in 1g Sealed Packet with a “Fly – Bug” Symbol on it… Stuck literally to a spider web. WEBSITE: WWW.MR-NICE-GUY.COM Strength: 8-10

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www.Buddha-Blend.com is where I ordered from. HIGHLY recommend, very potent blend!

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