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Can anyone tell me the side effects of using drugs whilst on Ceftibuten?
The reactions I want to know about include the following drugs: meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, weed and synthetic cannabinoids.

Please stay on point and answer the question. I will report any answer that doesn’t do so.

In case people don’t know, ceftibuten is used as a drug in the treatments of several infections, some of which include chronic bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, tonsilitis and pneumonia. It’s part of the Cephalosporin group of antibiotics.
At least you got part of the answer right. In the sense that you sort of stayed on point but I’m looking for the actual side effects and not just warnings.
Moved the question to “Health”. Ignore this please.

Answer by Jellybean
First of all, you should not be taking illegal drugs in the first place. When you are on medication, you should never mix it with anything else. It can take away the healing effect of the legal medication you are taking.

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Can using a vaporizer with tobacco reduce adverse health effects?
I have heard a lot lately that using vaporizers with marijuana is “more healthy” in the sense that you do not inhale smoke. Can the same thing be true when it comes to using tobacco?

Answer by Kelle
There is some debate over whether smoking tobacco through a vaporizer pipe is actually a “healthy” way to enjoy tobacco. Whether this is true, smoking through a vaporizer does indeed differ dramatically from traditional methods of smoking. As opposed to cigarettes or assorted other pipes, the vaporizer heats the tobacco, releasing a vapor, as opposed to burning the tobacco and releasing smoke. Whether this truly does ultimately limit the intake of tar and harmful chemicals remains to be seen, but it is a special way to enjoy your favorite tobacco with a minimum of noxious smoke.

Answer by NYNative
You can use a vaporizer with tobacco and it will reduce the impact since there is no combustion. Only problem is that it tastes terrible.

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