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The creators of Spice have now come out with the all new Mojo smoking Blend. Also known as Spice Mojo, this legal smoking blend has just entered the market and is already one of the most popular. Mojo has been designed to give the user a smooth smoking experience. It is light and fresh, and lets you feel relaxed.

One of the advantages of the Mojo smoking blend is that you will get a dose of energy. This is a great daytime high and the effects last for a short time. Some of the ingredients in Mojo include Alchemila Vulgaris, Leonotis Africana, Pedicularis Canadensis, Rosa Damascena, Rubus Fruticosus and Scutellaria Alpina. These ingredients come from nature and have been used by ancient cultures for ritualistic purposes.

How high will I get?

Mojo smoking blend gives off a sweet and pleasant aroma. The effects of Mojo are relaxing and peaceful, but you will be energized for the rest of the day. You can use this legal herbal blend at home with friends to relax and simply have a good time. If you have used Spice and you enjoyed it, you will definitely enjoy Mojo.

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