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at what temperature does marijuana burn?
does it burn by 420 degrees f or higher-what temperature (roughly) does marijuana burn at?
if i burnt it at 420 degrees f. then wouldnt that achieve the desired effect?

Answer by Sweetgrass
about 310 ..cigaretts do

Answer by AllenX02
Cannabis herb is burnt during smoking, temperatures of approx. 500-700°C being reached during this process.
Vaporization of cannabis, on the other hand, involves the herbal material being heated to a minimum of 185°C, this being the temperature from which THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the main active ingredient in cannabis) evaporates from the herbal material and blends with air (i.e. being transformed into an inhalable form).

The Merck Index lists the boiling point of delta 1 Tetrahydrocannabinol as 200° C (392° F) 365° F appears optimal for vaporizing.

You may want to try 365/370/375 to see which temp your vap works best with.

(Saying you due to the fact that you asked this question meaning your probably getting into it).

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