What are good herbs to put into my vaporizer?
I’ve been looking online and no one seems to have a good answer to this question. Everone just seems to use there’s for cannabis but could someone please tell me another good use for my vaporizer? I do care about my health (hence the vaporizer oposed to smoking) but antidepresent herbs are ideal for me if posible

Answer by D4rk_syl3nce
ummm Ganja duh

Answer by many owls
fir. pine.

Answer by four20-47
putting medication (cannabis) in your vape will get your pretty buzzed. also you can put in scents and oils (preferred so you don’t ruin your vape) to relax and be happy. Also, if you want to not be depressed, try putting some cannabis in your vape and token a couple hits.. it’ll do a mind good if you are stressed.. Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC creates an ease factor for your brain. (i.e. I smoke outta my vape so I can get a good body or head high and do my homework or play on the beach). If you need oils or in scents just go to your local smoke shop, they have plenty

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