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Scientific Glass Bubbler with Double Cage Perc

This clear glass bubbler stands on a stable, round foot and features a powerful double cage percolator in its extra-wide 75mm chamber. The slender, curved tube ends in a comfortable, flared mouthpiece, and its 18.8mm joint comes equipped with an 18.8mm slide bowl with marble rollstoppers.

Price:€44.85 Special Price:€48.75

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Diggerman Glass Stash Jar

Fill up this little stash jar and bring it along to dip in your Digger One Hitter and have a sneaky toke on the go! Handmade in Hawaii using high quality borosilicate glass, the Diggerman stash jar comes with a tight-fitting cork stopper and perfectly fits the large 3-inch size Digger One Hitter pipe. After a day out with this little guy, your expression might match the one on his face!

Price:€29.22 Special Price:€16.24

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Dome Perc Scientific Glass Beaker Base Bong

Just over 10 inches tall, this clear glass beaker bong features a powerful dome percolator, a slitted splash guard and ice notches. The slender, 25mm-wide tube is topped off with a comfortable mouthpiece. Its 18.8mm joint comes equipped with an 18.8mm > 14.mm slitted diffuser downstem and a 14.5mm slide bowl with marble rollstoppers.

Price:€55.25 Special Price:€31.85

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Hops Glass – Inline Perc Ash Catcher with Vapor Dome

Hops Glass is known for powerful inline percs and the highest in handmade quality, and this vapor catcher from Hops is a tough little bubbling machine you can add to any water pipe with glass-on-glass joints! The shape matches the stemless design of many of Hops’ other inline perc glass pipes, reinforced with a bead of glass bridging the space between the cylinder and the start of the joint. The tube is 38mm wide above the slitted inline perc and the piece measures approximately 5 inches tall. Because this is an individually handmade glass accessory, the actual height may vary slightly. This piece has an 18.8mm glass-on-glass male joint at the side and comes with an 18.8mm clear glass vapor dome. A concentrate nail is NOT included.

The Hops logo is applied on the tube in glossy black and brilliant gold. Choose a 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint (to match the joint on your tube) when ordering.

Price:€129.35 Special Price:€64.35

Grasscity Europe (English) – Special Discounts

Black Leaf – Saxo 8-arm Tree Perc Glass Bong

Maybe you already like to pretend you’re playing the sax when you hold your water pipe, but it will be hard to resist trying it when you hold this piece from Black Leaf’s Saxo series to your lips! The 38mm-wide tube leading to the mouthpiece gently curves towards you for a relaxed smoking experience.

This glass percolator bong stands just over 18 inches tall and features a reinforced, slitted 8-arm tree perc inside. Its 18.8mm joint comes with an 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem and a clear 14.5mm funnel bowl with a colored glass bead rollstopper. The Black Leaf logo is applied in a glazed ceramic transfer.

Price:€57.85 Special Price:€31.85

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Alex K Glass – Showerhead Diffuser Downstem – 18.8mm

Treat yourself and your best bong to a high end, quality glass downstem, handmade in in the USA by glass artist Alex K! Since the start of his glassblowing adventures in Alaska over 15 years ago, Alex K has been honing his craft and creating colorful glass art pieces for the smoking culture community. Now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alex K makes a range of glass smoking accessories, from headie concentrate smoking sets to this clear borosilicate glass showerhead diffuser downstem, the ideal accessory when you want extra smoke cooling and percolation and don’t want to skimp on quality. This downtube features 18.8mm > 18.8mm glass-on-glass joints and is available in three lengths. Remember to measure from the tip of your existing downstem to the top of the first joint when measuring to find out which length you’ll need to order for your spare or replacement downstem.

Price:€29.90 Special Price:€19.50

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Karl Termini Double Dome Glass Percolator Bong Female Joint

The Double Dome by Karl Termini is a straight percolator glass bong. It features not one but two percolator domes. The bottom percolator dome is a gridded castle dome. On top of this you find a circular dome percolator with diagonally cut gridded diffusion slits, which is Karl Termini’s signature dome!

It’s stemless design and straight skinny mouthpiece (only 19 mm) not only makes this a one of a kind piece, but also ensures an amazingly smooth hit every time. This glass bong is made completely out of high quality Schott Glass, what makes it very durable.

This straight percolator glass bong has got a 14.4mm female joint and is equipped with a clear, male 14.4mm funnel slide bowl. The Termini logo is sandblasted on the bong, so it will never rub off!

Karl Termini makes every Termini pipe personally by hand. He focuses on providing the ultimate product, made from the best glass, so expect nothing less then the best!

Price:€227.50 Special Price:€113.75

Grasscity Europe (English) – Special Discounts

Amsterdam Bubble Base 5mm Glass Bong With Rasta Grip

With reinforced tank joints and an extra wide 13cm (5.1 inch) base, this hefty bubble base bong is made of clear 5mm glass accented with rasta colors and a vibrant rasta grip. The ice notches are just as thick as the tube walls, in red, yellow and green, and the mouthpiece is decorated by hand in a crown style with rasta-colored glass beads along the outer rim, so they look cool but won’t interfere with your hit! The bi-stabile 18.8mm joints are extra-thick for added durability, and the 18.8mm crown bowl is made of clear glass with rasta beads and a handle for easy lifting. The tube features an Amsterdam triple X decal in rasta colors.

Price:€ 70,85 Special Price:€ 57,85

Grasscity Europe (Dutch) – Special Discounts

Black Leaf – Two Ways Stemless Bubble Base Glass Vapor Bong

This bubble base scientific glass bong stands on a stable round foot and features an 18.8mm male joint on a stemless design. Smoke is forced through into the base and through a disc perc where it is broken up into a mass of bubbling action for smoother, cooler smoke. Black Leaf calls it Two Ways because you can use it with the bowl for bud or with the vapor dome for concentrates! The clear glass slide bowl has an 18.8mm female joint and a built-in glass screen. A borosilicate glass concentrate nail is included.

The Two Ways decal is applied on the tube in blue and green just below the extra-thick, comfortable mouthpiece.

Price:€57.85 Special Price:€42.25

Grasscity Europe (English) – Special Discounts

Black Leaf – Flames Glass Bong

Made from strong and durable borosilicate glass, this stunning “flames” straight cylinder bong features a flame print of the entire body of the bong that isn’t only esthetically pleasing but also acid-proof and heat-resistant. This bong features a thick, comfortable mouthpiece, a carb hole and comes complete with a slitted inside-cut 18.8 > 14.5mm diffuser downstem. The herb funnel bowl with glass marble roll stoppers offer room for a generous-capacity of precious herbs.

Price:€57.85 Special Price:€48.75

Grasscity Europe (English) – Special Discounts

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