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Liquid Herbal Incense http://www.liquidherbalincense.org Wicked X Liquid, Liquid Spice Incense, and K2 E-Liquid — A pool of unbiased liquid herbal incense …

Dr. Arno Hazekamp, PhD of Leiden University, The Netherlands, explains endogenous cannabinoid receptors in this 2010 live presentation before the Montana Med…

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Cannaline Glass Stash Jar – 2011 Commemorative Series – Printed 420

This glass stash jar from Cannaline’s 2011 Commemorative series features a full-color print of a detailed green pot leaf and a big purple 420. The back is also printed in color with a list of the US states that have passed laws legalizing the use of medical marijuana as of 2011, along with the year that each state passed the law. Made of quality borosilcate glass, this stash jar holds about an eighth of an ounce of herb, and the lid fits tightly to keep your stash fresh and aromatic. Cannaline is a major provider of glass stash jars to the medical marijuana industry, helping to maintain the medicine’s freshness and potency, and this glass jar is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their pot stash mouth-wateringly fragrant!

Price: €9.43 Special Price: €6.18

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9th Annual Southeast Cell Science Undergraduate Research Symposium – Miami, FL – April 2014 – Medical Cannabis AMA PRA Credits – Marijuana Education.

Blaze Glass – Stemless Inline Perc Tube – Two 8-arm Percs – Frosted Glass

This lazy tube from Blaze Glass has a quirky shape and is so lazy that it doesn’t stand up straight — it rests horizontally on a frosted glass ergonomic glass handle! Made of thick 7mm glass, this glass water pipe has a sturdy, hefty feel and indents for your fingers near the base to ensure a secure grip. The submarine-style base holds a 6-slit inline perc and that’s just the beginning of the percolation and smooth, cool smoke waiting for you! A stack of two 8-arm slitted tree perc is topped with a splash guard and three ice notches in the tube, where the frosted glass loop handle offers the best way to comfortably hold this lazy tube.

The stemless design features a zig-zagged tube leading to a 18.8mm joint, where a roomy clear glass bowl with rollstoppers is included. Clear glass with frosted glass accents gives this water pipe a luxe look and feel, with its extra-thick mouthpiece and Blaze Glass logo down the tube in frosted glass.

Price: €129.35 Special Price: €113.75

Grasscity Europe – Special Products

8/10 Potency Caution Herbal Incense.

Blaze Glass – Black Dominion – Double 8-arm Perc Beaker Tube – Gold

You really have to see and feel the matte powder-coating on this Black Dominion water pipe from Blaze Glass to appreciate its beauty, but the diffusion and cooling features alone are enough to make it a must-have!

The beaker base has a high volume capacity and gold powder coating, and has an 18.8mm joint with a 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem. The generous-capacity bowl has a 14.5mm joint and marble rollstoppers. Above the base are two stacked 8-arm tree percs, with slitted, reinforced arms for added diffusion and durability. The tube features three ice notches and black powder coating. This pipe’s 5mm glass is extra thick at the comfortable mouthpiece.

Along the tube, the Blaze Glass logo is applied in black powder coating inside a clear glass window.

Price: €136.01 Special Price: €129.35

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